From time to time, you may want to generate a backup copy of your account information, whether for tax purposes or for your personal records. This article will show you how to download this data.

Viewer and Editor user roles do not have access to export data from a business.

Your accounting data export contains four files. The accounting file contains your journal entries and transactions. The bill items file holds your bill information, the customers file contains your customer profiles, and the vendors file your vendor information.

Your receipts data export contains a ZIP file of your receipt images, which will be in their original file type. There are two different payroll data exports; one is a CSV file of your employee profiles, and the other is a CSV file containing all of your employees' pay stubs.

The data export feature only allows you to download the files to your device. Whilst there isn’t a print function within Data Export, you can print the downloaded files once they have saved to your device.

To perform a data export:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Other, and click Data Export.
  3. Select which data you would like to export;
    1. Accounting: Under the Accounting heading, choose the format you want to receive your export in. You can choose CSV files, or XLS files.
    2. Receipts: Under the Receipts heading, click Export all receipts as a ZIP file.
    3. Payroll: Under the Payroll heading, choose whether to export your employee information, or employee pay stubs, as a CSV file.
  4. The data export will be sent to the primary email address you use for Wave. It may take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox.
  5. Once it arrives, click Download Data Export to download your files.

This will only export data for the business profile you're currently on, listed in the top left corner.

The link doesn’t work

The download link you receive is only active for 24 hours, so make sure you download your export within that timeframe. If the link expires you will need to perform the data export again by following from Step 1 above.

I didn't get the email

If you don’t receive the email with the data export, check your spam folder, and any other filters you may have set up.

If you continue to experience issues with exporting your data, click on the help button at the bottom right of the screen in your Wave account for more assistance.