Upload bank and credit card statements

If you don't want to connect your bank or credit card to Wave, or if your bank isn't among the 15,000 financial institutions that Wave supports, uploading your statements is a great way to avoid the hassles of manual entry. 

If you are uploading a statement into a payment account that already exists in Wave, just follow the instructions below. If not, you need to do a quick setup step first. 

Download your statement from your bank

First, go to your online banking site and download a statement to your computer. Wave can accept the following structured file types:

  • Microsoft Money (.OFX)
  • QuickBooks (.QBO)
  • Quicken (.QFX)
  • Simply Accounting (.ASO)

If none of these file types are available from your online banking site, Wave also allows you to support Comma-Separated Variable (.CSV) files. This is a more complex option, so please try to use one of the four file formats listed above.

Learn more about downloading a statement from your bank.

Upload your statement to Wave

  1. Click on Accounting on the left side of your screen and select Transactions
  2. Click on the More button and select Upload a Bank Statement.
  3. Click Choose File below Statement and locate the statement you already downloaded from your bank to your computer.
  4. In the Payment Account field, select the appropriate account. Your statement must be in the same currency as the account you're importing into. 
  5. Now click Upload. The process will do its thing for a few seconds.

It may take a few moments to process the new transactions. Then click the link to see what you've imported.