Review your transactions

Marking a transaction as reviewed on the Transactions page helps you ensure all the details of the transaction are verified.

When you import or create a transaction, it's good practice to ensure a category is selected, a sales tax is set, any customer or vendor information is added, and the description is correct. Only the Category field is mandatory to verify the transaction, but make sure you've included everything you need to keep your records accurate.

Think of reviewed transactions as verified transactions, and unreviewed transactions as transactions that still need your attention. Once you've checked that a transaction is correct, you can mark it as reviewed.

Leaving a transaction unreviewed doesn't impact your reports, or the ability to perform bank reconciliation.

Mark transactions as reviewed

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Accounting > Transactions.
  3. To mark a transaction as reviewed, click on the checkmark icon to its right.

    To mark multiple transactions as reviewed, select the checkboxes to the left of the transactions, then click the mark as reviewed or checkmark icon at the top of the transactions list.

The Mark as reviewed icon is greyed out if the transaction is not categorized. To mark it as reviewed, categorize the transaction first.

You can also mark a transaction as reviewed in the transaction details panel. To open the transaction detail view, click on the small dropdown arrow to the right of a transaction, and select Edit more details. Then click Mark as reviewed on the bottom left of the transaction detail pop-up box.

Automatically merged or categorized transactions have an auto-updates icon in place of the Mark as reviewed checkmark button. Learn more in Automated bookkeeping with auto-updates. Auto-updates are included with a subscription to Wave’s Pro Plan.