Resolve differences between your Wave balances and bank balances

Reasons account balances may not match

Resolve mismatched account balances across Wave pages

Reasons account balances may not match

Delayed bank transaction imports

The account balances on the Transactions page in your Wave account may not always match the true balance in your bank accounts at all times. If you have connected your bank accounts in Wave to import transactions, you will notice that imports only happen at fixed intervals, not in real-time. This is a common reason why your balances in Wave may not match the balances you see on your Dashboard or bank statement. Once your transactions import, the balances will match.

Unreconciled accounts

There could be missing or duplicate transactions in your Wave account. The first step to ensure your balances in Wave are accurate is to reconcile your accounts. When you compare your bank statement with the transactions in Wave, you can identify any differences and correct them.

Starting balances

If your accounts are reconciled, check if you have a starting balance entered for your account. A starting balance represents the amount in the bank account before the period you start with Wave. An incorrect or missing starting balance can result in an incorrect account balance in Wave, even if all transactions recorded in your Wave account match the transactions on your statement.

Resolve mismatched account balances across Wave pages

Inflated income accounts

If you notice an inflated amount for income accounts on your Account Transactions report or the Profit and Loss report when using cash basis, check if you have edited your invoices to add any negative line items.

A negative line item may have been used to prevent an invoice from showing as overdue after recording a refund on the invoice. Deleting the negative line item on the invoice will resolve the balance issue. Correct the overdue balance by writing off the invoice instead.

Inconsistent amounts for the same account

There are rare occasions when your Wave pages may not communicate with each other. This causes reports in Wave to display inconsistent amounts for the same account across different reports. In cases like this, a data refresh may be required.

Future-dated transactions will not be included in the account balances on the Transactions page or the Reconciliation page. However, the transactions will be included in the Account Transactions report.

You may need a data refresh if:

      • There are different amounts for the same account when you compare the Account Transactions report with the Balance Sheet or Trial Balance reports (the report types should be consistent when comparing reports).
      • The balance widget at the top of your Transaction page isn’t updating when adding new transactions
      • The Wave balance on your Reconciliation page does not match the balance on your Account Transactions report for the same account and timeframe.
      • The Wave balance after the last transaction entered in a reconciliation period does not match the Wave balance at the top of the page.

If you notice any of the above issues, open Mave, Wave’s automated chatbot, and type data refresh. Mave will help collect any relevant details and direct you to the appropriate support. Learn how to open Mave in Get support with Wave.