Set up Wave to submit ROEs on your behalf

An ROE (record of employment) is a form employers complete for employees receiving insurable earnings who stop working and experience an interruption of earnings. The ROE allows employees to apply for EI (employment insurance) benefits.

Wave can submit ROEs to the CRA on your behalf. In order to grant this access to Wave, you are required to acknowledge and sign the ROE SAT Addendum Form in your Wave account.

Prior to authorizing Wave to submit ROEs, review your Business Profile by clicking your business name at the top right corner of your screen, clicking Business settings, then clicking Business Profile. The following information is used to set up ROE submission:

  • CRA Payroll Account Number
  • Business legal name
  • Postal code

To authorize Wave to submit ROEs for you:

  1. On the left-side menu, click Payroll > Run Payroll.

    If you’ve already set up payroll in Wave, find the ROE application page by clicking the Payroll Setup button on the Run Payroll page.

  2. In the Simplify your payroll section, to the right of ROE, click Authorize.
  3. Follow the steps and add a digital signature.
  4. Click Save

Once you’ve completed this, you will be set up to issue ROEs when you offboard employees or place them on leave. To learn how to do this, see [Canada] Offboard employees or place them on leave.

Wave is unable to submit ROEs on behalf of your business for the period of time before you started using Wave’s payroll feature. Instead, you need to ensure your prior payroll service provider can issue them for you.