[Canada] Maternity and parental leave

Maternity and parental leave allow for time off work for employees who have recently become parents. If your employee is having a baby or adopting, they and their partner are entitled to parental leave. 

How do I place my employee on maternity or parental leave? 

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Employees. Locate the employee you’re placing on leave, and click Edit to the right of their name, under Action.
  2. Click Employment Status.
  3. Click the Place on Leave button.
  4. On the next page you’ll see a summary of the employee leave process for Canada. Click Let’s Get Started when you’re ready to place your employee on leave.
  5. Click the What is the last day of work? dropdown and choose the employee's last day from the calendar.
  6. Click the What is the date of return? dropdown and choose the employee's return date from the calendar.

    If you do not yet know this date, you can leave this field empty.

  7. Once you’ve entered these details, Wave will calculate the following fields based on past approved payrolls and any relevant future payroll periods:
    • Final pay period (last payroll period that this employee is active)
    • Payday deadline (Wave recommends you to pay this employee by this date to stay fully compliant with the CRA)
    • Record of Employment (ROE) deadline (Wave recommends you to issue the ROE by this date to stay fully compliant with the CRA)
  8. Click Save Changes.
  9. You'll now see an onscreen confirmation and the pending leave on the Employment Status page.
  10. Complete the leave process by approving the pay period that includes your employee’s last day of work before leave, and then issuing their ROE. These steps are both completed in Payroll > Run Payroll.

Your employee's leave goes into effect in Wave after you approve the pay period that includes their last day worked before going on leave.

Before that, you can cancel a leave by following Steps 1 and 2, and clicking Cancel Leave on the employment status page.

If the final payroll has already been approved, issue the ROE and then reactivate your employee.