Connecting my bank/credit cards: Is it safe?

Wave's automated transaction import is powered by Yodlee, a global specialist bank data integration partner that works with over 10,000 financial institutions, and enables transaction data import for many of the most popular accounting systems and personal financial platforms.  Wave never sees your bank login information.

Encryption: Communication between you and Wave is protected by 256-bit TLS encryption1. This is the same level of encryption used by the best online banking and shopping applications.

Password and account protection: Account and password data that you enter to enable automated transaction imports is stored only by Wave's bank data partner, Yodlee, a world leader in bank data aggregation. Wave has no access to this data.

Read-only connection: When you connect your bank account, Wave is able to import transaction history via a dedicated Yodlee API2 service. This API service has no capability to move money or make any withdrawals from your account.


1 Subject to browser compatability.  All up-to-date, modern browsers support full 256-bit TLS encryption.

2 API (Application Programming Interface) - a set of defined messages allowing computers to exchange data.

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