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Product Team Apr 29 FAQs / Invoicing

When you create a recurring invoice, Wave’s scheduling system will create all invoices you have set to repeat on a given day and will send them automatically for you if you choose that option. 

When you look at the recurring invoice list page, you will see whether the invoice is scheduled, pending, failed, paused, or created. 


Here’s what each of the status badges mean:

Scheduled: The recurring invoice is scheduled to go out on a future date

Pending: The invoice is scheduled to go out today, but has not been created yet. We generate recurring invoices throughout the day and cannot guarantee a time it will be created at. They are not generated based on your timezone. There is no action required when the invoice is in this status. 

Failed: There was a problem when trying to create the invoice. This happens most often when your customer’s email is missing or invalid or if there’s a problem with the content of the recurring invoice. If you are unsure why it failed, please contact our support heroes who will be happy to help you with this. 

Paused: There was a problem with the invoice when we previously attempted to create it. It will remain paused until the next scheduled delivery date at which time we will retry to create the invoice. 

Created: The invoice was successfully created. 


If you chose to automatically send the invoice to your customer, you can see the sent status on the invoice list page.

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