How do I ensure my invoice income isn't duplicated?

If you have the same bank account linked to Wave in which your Wave Payments deposits are made, then you may see duplicate transactions.

  1. As soon as your customer makes a payment, the transaction record for this is created in Wave
  2. When the payment is deposited in your bank, the transaction is once again imported into Wave.

The difference between the two transactions is that the one created automatically using the Payments service for the full invoice amount while the transaction that is imported from your bank connection import will be the amount, minus the Payments fees.

To resolve the duplicate issue, you can simply delete the bank connection transaction import because the transaction that came in through Payments links to the Invoice already ensuring that the status is updated to "Paid" and the fees associated with using the Payments service are also entered to your accounting.

If you have your bank account connected with Wave then you have a couple of options available for adding a payment to an invoice to avoid having duplicate transactions appearing in your account.

If you wait until the transaction representing the Invoice Payment is imported automatically from your connected bank account:

  1. Once the transaction appears, click the black arrow to the right of the transaction line and select Create invoice payment.
  2. Select the invoice from the pop-up menu and click Create payment. This will update your Invoice and mark it as PAID. As a result, this won't duplicate your income! 

If you don’t want to wait for that transaction to be imported because you prefer to record things as soon as they occur - this is absolutely okay too! If this is the case, you will want to manually mark the Invoice as PAID:

  1. Open the Sales menu and choose Invoices
  2. Select the option to Record Payment to update the invoice to PAID.
  3. A few days later, the same transaction will be imported from your bank, which will result in a duplicate transaction. You can either select one and click Delete to delete the transaction that was imported from your bank since you already have the payment associated with the invoice OR you can click the box to the left of the two duplicate transactions then click Merge to merge them together.

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