How often should my transactions update?

Your bank connection will update transactions nightly (every 24 hours). However, depending on your bank, there may be a slightly longer wait time.

Your banking integration should update transactions every 24-72 hours; however, depending on your bank, there may be a longer wait time.

Because banks post transaction data differently, and given the way that our data provider aggregates data from any given bank, update times will always vary.

You may often find that your balance is more up to date than the very transactions which comprise that updated balance. If your balance is more up to date than your imported transactions, this would likely mean that your transactions just aren’t yet available for import.

Should you ever find that the transactions are simply taking too long to import, you can always try performing a few manual refreshes to update the connection. If some transactions are available, but haven’t yet imported, then performing a few refreshes should allow those transactions to be pulled in. If you perform a few manual refreshes, and find that no new transactions have imported, this again would likely mean that they just aren’t yet available.

You can perform a manual refresh by selecting Banking on the left navigation menu, and then Bank Connections.

You can then select to Edit bank credentials for the connection in question, and re-enter your credentials (along with any security questions that may be posed), and hit submit to manually refresh.

If you ever find that transactions haven’t updated in six or seven days, this would be a time to review further troubleshooting options.

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