Set up automatic payments on recurring invoices

With automatic payments, you can set up your recurring invoices to automatically charge your customer’s credit card. Automatic payments ensure your repeat customers are notified and billed, and you receive payments on time.

You will need to complete payments setup before you can receive payments with Wave. Learn how to set up Wave Payments.

Turn on automatic payments on a recurring invoice

  1. Navigate to Sales Recurring Invoices, and click Create Recurring Invoice.

  2. Enter your invoice details, and click Save and Continue.

  3. Choose the schedule that you'd like your invoices to be generated on.

  4. In the Get Paid section, choose automatic payments.
  5. Enter the customer’s credit card information, use previously saved credit card information, or send the invoice with a request for your customer to enter their card information.

For more help creating a recurring invoice see Guide to recurring invoices.

If you approve the recurring invoice without entering payment information, your customer receives the first invoice with a request to enter their credit card information and authorize automatic payments. Invoices continue to be emailed automatically on the schedule you set up even if your customer hasn’t opted to save their credit card information. Once your customer authorizes automatic payments, Wave automatically processes payment each time the invoice is generated and, sends a receipt by email.

Automatic payments are only available if your customer pays with a credit card. If your customer makes bank payments, they will need to manually pay the invoice each time.

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