How do automatic payments work?

Automatic payments enable you to set up your recurring invoices to bill your customers automatically. A few simple clicks will ensure your repeat customers are notified and billed and you receive payments on time, every time. 

This FAQ discusses automatic payments. For a general guide to creating a recurring invoice see here, and for more information on getting started with Wave Payments, see here

To turn on automatic payments, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Sales Recurring Invoices and click Create Recurring Invoice.

  2. Enter your invoice details, and choose the Schedule that you'd like your invoices to be generated on. 

  3. In the Get Paid section, you will be able to choose between Manual and Automatic Payments. Choose Automatic Payments.

When you select automatic payments for the first time, you will have the opportunity to enter your customer's credit card information. If you have previously saved your customer's credit card information, or if your customer has chosen to save their credit card, you can use the saved card. 

If you do not have your customer's credit card information, you will need to start with manual payments. Once your customer views the invoice online, they'll have the option to enter their credit card information and authorize future charges. You will receive an email from Wave when a customer saves a credit card so you can then switch their recurring invoice over to automatic payments

Once you have received your first payment, you will need to complete the payments setup process. Not to worry - it's easy! Once you receive the email letting you know you've been paid, log in to your Wave account and navigate to Sales Payments to Complete Payments Setup. You'll need to enter a few details about your business and provide your account and routing numbers so that we know where to deposit your money. After your first payment, all transfers will happen automatically. 

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