Set up automatic payments on recurring invoices

To accept online payments through Wave, you have to complete your payments setup first. Learn how to set up online payments.

Your customers can choose between credit card, debit card, or bank payments for automatic payments.

Recurring invoices created from checkouts can only be paid by credit card or Visa debit cards. Learn how to Set up a checkout that processes recurring payments.

Enable automatic payments on a recurring invoice

If this is your first time creating a recurring invoice, see Set up a recurring invoice to get started.

  1. On the left-side menu, click Sales & Payments > Recurring Invoices.

  2. Select the recurring invoice you want to edit.

  3. In the Get Paid section, click Edit, then choose Switch to automatic payments.
    1. If your customer has previously saved their credit card information, you can select that card to be charged automatically. You can also manually enter your customer’s credit card details.
    2. If you don’t select a card or enter card details manually, your customer can choose their preferred payment method when the invoice is sent (credit or debit card or bank payments). If your customer selects bank payments, they will see an option to select their bank from a list, and securely enter their login credentials. If they cannot find their bank, they need to choose a different bank that’s supported or pay by credit or debit card.

    If your customer chooses bank payments and authorizes their account to be debited for recurring payments, a preauthorization agreement is automatically emailed to you and your customer. If you make changes to the price, payment method, or schedule of the recurring invoice later, the agreement is automatically canceled and a new one is sent for approval along with the next invoice.

  4. Click Next, then review all of the information for the recurring invoice. If you need to edit anything, click the Edit button beside each section, make the change, then click Save.
  5. Once you’ve reviewed and confirmed the information, click the Approve and start recurring invoice button.

Once your customer authorizes automatic payments, Wave automatically processes payment each time the invoice is generated and sends a receipt by email.

Learn more about recurring invoice statuses.