Wave Payments processing fees and timelines

Learn how to set up Wave Payments to start accepting payments directly on your invoices.

Wave Payments processing fees

Visa, Mastercard, Discover* 2.9% + 60 cents
American Express 3.4% + 60 cents
Bank payment (ACH) 1% (minimum $1 fee)
*Discover Card processing is only available to businesses in the United States. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and bank payments are available in both the United States and Canada.


Wave Payments processing timelines

Businesses based in the United States
Credit cards 2 business days
Bank payment (ACH) 2-7 business days
Businesses based in Canada
Credit cards 1 business day
Bank payment (ACH) 1-6 business days


How do online payments work?

Wave Payments processing fees are calculated on an invoice-by-invoice basis. Wave automatically transfers payments you receive to your bank account minus processing fees. Credit card processing fees and deposit timelines are based on the card type, and do not change depending on how your customers choose to enter their details. When you accept credit card payments, your customers can use Apple Pay or enter their details manually.

You can control which payment type you want to accept from your customers by following the steps in How do I turn off bank payments?

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