Filters, such as invoice statuses, allow you to find or view the list of invoices in Wave that meet certain criteria. This article will walk you through the different invoice statuses in Wave, and how to use invoice filters.

Statuses allow you to filter and find invoices. They are also useful to quickly check the status of an invoice from the Invoices page. Different statuses are assigned to your invoices based on certain criteria:

  • Draft: For invoices that are saved as drafts, but not approved.
  • Unsent: For invoices that are approved, but not sent, or marked as sent.
  • Sent: For invoices sent through Wave, or marked as sent.
  • Viewed: For invoices that your customers have viewed.
  • Partial: For invoices that are partially paid, and have a balance due.
  • Paid: For invoices that are fully paid.
  • Overdue: For unpaid invoices past the due date.

How to use invoice filters

To view invoices that meet certain conditions, or search for a specific invoice:

  1. Click Sales on the left navigation menu in your Wave account, then select Invoices.
  2. On the Invoices page, right above your invoices, you can see the invoice filters. Filter by customer name, invoice status, and date range, to view an invoice or a list of invoices that meet the criteria you set.
  3. To search for an invoice using the invoice number, enter the number in the rightmost field with the search icon.

To clear a filter, click the X button beside it, or to clear all active filters, click Clear filters.

On the Invoices page, invoices are organized under three sections, Unpaid, Draft, and All Invoices. Check to ensure you are under the correct section before you use filters, to get the correct results.