Create an invoice in your web browser

Add items and attachments

Create an invoice in the Wave mobile app

Create an invoice in your web browser

        1. Log in to your Wave account from
        2. On the left-side menu, click Sales & Payments > Invoices.
        3. Click Create an invoice.

If this is your first invoice, create your template and click Looks great, let's go, or skip this to customize your invoice template later.

On the invoice, you can do the following:

        1. Enter an Invoice number

You can type in a number of your choice as long as it has not been used for another invoice. For following invoices, the number will automatically generate in sequence.

        1. Click Add a customer. Select a customer from the list, or click Create a new customer at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
        2. Choose an invoice date, a due date for payment, and enter a P.O. or S.O. number.
        3. To add or edit the invoice title, description, or business information, click Business address and contact details, title, summary, and logo.

If you edit your business information on the invoice, the changes will apply to your business profile. Any change you make will also apply to all past invoices.

        1. Add notes or terms of service under Notes / Terms at the bottom of the invoice.
        2. Add or edit the footer information by expanding the Footer section at the bottom of the page.

Add items and attachments

Line items are the products or services being purchased by your customer.

        1. Click Add an item for each product or service you are invoicing for.
        2. If you have already added products and services, select one from the dropdown menu, or type the item name in the search box and select the item. If you have no items saved, click Create an item to add a new item, then type in a name and description.

If you create an item through the invoice, the default Income account will be Sales. To choose a different account, click Edit income account and select from the list.

        1. Enter the quantity and price. If you entered a price when the item was created, Wave will automatically fill it in.
        2. If applicable, select a tax. Learn how to Create a new sales tax from an invoice.
        3. If applicable, click Add a discount below the Subtotal field.
        4. If you are invoicing in a different currency from the one set for the customer, click the Currency field and select a currency from the drop-down menu. Learn about Foreign currency invoices.
        5. With a Pro Plan subscription, you can add attachments to invoices. In the Attachments section below the footer, click the + icon to upload or drag and drop your files. For more information on file types and size limits, see Frequently asked questions about invoice and estimate attachments.
        6. Click Save and continue to create a draft.

Clicking Save and continue will save the invoice as a draft, but will not make any changes to your accounting.

        1. Select Edit draft to make changes, or Approve draft to create the invoice.

Create an invoice in the Wave mobile app

        1. Log in to the Wave mobile app.
        2. On the Dashboard, tap Create new, then tap Invoice in the submenu.
        3. Tap the Draft section at the top to change the invoice title and invoice number, or add a P.O./S.O. and summary. Tap Done to save any changes.
        4. Tap each section to edit the details of the invoice; adding a customer, payment due and invoice dates, and currency.
        5. Tap Add items to add a product or service to the invoice. Once you’ve selected the item, edit the description, quantity, price, and sales taxes if needed. Tap Done. To create a new item, tap the + in the top right corner, then fill in the name, description, quantity, price, tax, and income account. Tap Add new item.
        6. Tap Add discount, if applicable. Select a percentage or a fixed amount, enter the amount, then tap Done.
        7. Tap Notes and terms to add terms of service or footer notes.
        8. Tap Save.