Add a discount to an invoice

You can include a discount on invoices as either a percentage or a set dollar amount and Wave will automatically reduce the total of the invoice based on the discount you enter

Include a discount on your Wave Invoice

  1. Log in to your Wave account from
  2. Click Sales > Invoices

  3. Click Create an invoice on the top right or select an existing invoice and click Edit Invoice

  4. Below the subtotal select Add discount

  5. From the dropdown menu select $ to enter a dollar amount or % to enter a percentage value

  6. Enter the dollar amount or percentage of the subtotal

A line labelled Discount appears below the subtotal, reducing the total of the invoice before tax is calculated. You can only enter one discount per invoice.

When you apply a discount to an invoice, Wave takes care of the accounting for you!

The first time you approve an invoice with a discount, Wave will create an account called Sales Discounts. This account is located in your Chart of Accounts under the Income tab.

Discounts appear as negative amounts on your Profit & Loss Report because they reduce your income.