Import a customer list

Import customer contact information into Wave quickly and easily using a CSV file.

You can also use our Google Sheets add-on, Wave Connect, to easily import your customer list from a spreadsheet.

  1. Go to wherever you currently keep your contacts (Gmail, Outlook, Apple's Contacts app, etc.) and export or download them as a CSV file. If CSV export isn't available, export it in a file like Excel, or .txt, and then use a Save As option to save as CSV.
  2. Download and open  this sample CSV file. It's a template that shows you how your CSV file must be organized in order for a successful import into Wave, specifically, what kind of info goes in which columns (e.g., name, phone numbers) and exactly what the header (i.e. label) should be on the header row of each column. Headers are case sensitive.
  3. Open the file with your contacts, and compare it to the template you got from Wave. Re-organize your file so it matches the Wave format exactly. (e.g., the first column must contain the company name (if applicable), and the header row must be labeled "Company Name".) If you want, you can carefully cut and paste the appropriate columns from your spreadsheet into the Wave template. Each contact must include at least one of the following: company name, first name, and/or last name. Without at least one of these, the upload won't work.
  4. Save your finished file in CSV format.
  5. Log into your Wave account, click the Sales tab, and select Customers.
  6. On the Customers page, click the Import from... dropdown button and select CSV.
  7. Click Choose File and find the CSV you've prepared. Click Upload and preview customers.
  8. Double check that the right info appears in the right place. Make sure the business names appear in the Company Name column, that the email addresses appear in the Email column, and so on. Once you move beyond this screen you won't be able to un-import your contacts. (You can edit contacts at any time, but you'll have to do so one contact at a time.)
  9. If everything looks good, click "Yes, proceed with import."

Other important CSV formatting rules:

  1. In the Country column, you must use the official ISO code in order for Wave to process the file correctly. Please note that these are case sensitive and will need to be capitalized. The most commonly used by Wave customers are:
    • United States: US
    • Canada: CA
    • Great Britain: GB
    • Australia: AU
  2. In the "Currency" column, you must also use the official ISO code. The most commonly used by Wave customers are:
    • US dollar: USD
    • Canadian dollar: CAD
    • British pound: GBP
    • Australian dollar: AUD

If you don't specify a currency, whatever you have set as your default business currency will be applied to all of your customers. Or putting it another way: If you invoice all your customers in the same currency that you do your accounting, you don't need to worry about the currency code.