Customer Profile Activities

Keep track of your communication with your customers in Wave. The Activity tab on the Customers page allows you to view a history of actions you take for each customer like sending invoices, invoice receipts, and customer statements through Wave

Through a timeline that shows information from when you sent an invoice all the way to when you sent a receipt for payment, you can track each step of your customer’s journey with the activity tab. Click into each event to learn more about it.

Customer activity includes

  1. Sent invoices
  2. Resent invoices
  3. Sent reminders
  4. Sent receipts for a paid invoice
  5. Sent customer statements: this includes both the account activity and outstanding invoices statement.

Only Invoices, Reminders, Receipts and Statements sent through Wave will be displayed on the customer activity tab.

All activities displayed begin on August 26, 2021. No activities are displayed before this date.

To filter for a specific event, you can search by description or filter by event type or date range at the top of the page