Import a customer list

Use these two options to import your customer contacts into your account:

Import through your Wave account

  1. Export your customer contacts as a CSV file from where they’re stored (such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple’s Contacts app, etc.).
  2. Download and open this sample CSV file. It's a template that shows how your CSV file must be organized in order for a successful import into Wave.
  3. Open your customer contacts file, and compare it to the sample CSV template you just downloaded. Copy the appropriate columns from your spreadsheet and paste them into the Wave template.
    Each contact must include at least one of the following: company name, first name, and/or last name. Without at least one of these, the upload won't work.
  4. Save your finished file in CSV format.
  5. In your Wave account, click Sales & Payments > Customers.
  6. On the Customers page, click the Import from CSV button.
  7. Click the Choose File button, locate the CSV file you've prepared, and then click Upload and preview customers.
  8. Double check that the information is under the correct header. Make sure the business names appear in the Company Name column, that the email addresses appear in the Email column, and so on. Once you move beyond this screen you won't be able to un-import your contacts. You can always edit a customer’s contact information later, but you'll have to do so one contact at a time.
  9. If everything looks good, click Yes, proceed with import.

Import through Wave Connect

  1. Learn how to download, install, and use Wave Connect, Wave’s Google Sheets add-on.
  2. In Google Sheets click Extensions > Wave Connect > Upload > Customers. The Wave Connect add-on will pop up on the right side of Google Sheets.
  3. Under Step 1: Prepare Input Sheet, click the Prepare Input Sheet button to generate the customer upload template.
    You also have the option to decide if the customer country and province or state is entered by the full name, or by 2 letter ISO country code. Read about official ISO codes.
  4. Enter your customers’ information in each row of the sheet. The Customer Name field must have a name entered, while all other fields are optional.
  5. Once you have all of the customer information entered in the sheet, click Step 2: Validate Data and click the Validate Data button.
    If Wave Connect detects any issues it will alert you in the Step 2 section, as well as under column R of the input sheet. Update the information and click Validate Again. When the information is successfully validated, click Continue.
  6. Review the customer information you’ve entered, and if you’re ready to upload, under Step 3: Upload Data you can click the Upload Customers button.
  7. If you have multiple business profiles under your Wave account, you will see a pop-up to confirm that you are uploading the information to the correct business profile. If you need to select a different business profile, click the Cancel button and choose the business from the drop-down menu at the top of the Wave Connect add-on.
  8. If everything looks good, click the Ok button to start the import.

If you leave the currency column blank, Wave automatically applies your default business currency to the customer’s invoices.