You can access all of your customer's information including contact details, invoices, and saved credit cards in the Customer Profile section by clicking their name on the Customers page.

Wave provides you with a single view of customer information so that you can keep track of what's happening with your customer. We do this by splitting it up into three different sections, Overview, Invoices, and Activity, all of which are built directly into your customer's profile page.

Overview tab

You can get a quick glimpse into all of the important information surrounding your customer in a single view.

Overview contains...

  1. Contact details: information like primary contact details, secondary contact details, shipping address, and internal notes.
  2. Invoice insights: this covers the total unpaid amount, how much has been paid in the last 12 months and the last item that was sent to your customer.
  3. Unpaid invoices: any invoices that have not yet been paid by your customer.
  4. Saved cards: all of your customers' saved credit cards

Invoices tab

The Invoices tab displays all invoices that you have associated with your customer without having to navigate away to your main Invoices page and filter for their details. Because it's intended to mimic the main Invoices page, you have all of the same functionality to approve, send, record payment, generate reminders and gain additional insights for a specific customer.

Just like the main Invoices page under the Sales & Payments tab, you can access different invoice functions by clicking into the invoice or by selecting the drop-down menu on the right side of the invoice.

Activity tab

To find out more about the Activity tab, check out this article here!

To export all your customer information, use Wave Connect.