Why can’t I delete certain customers?

There are a few possible reasons why you can’t delete a customer:

The customer is associated with an invoice in Wave

A customer cannot be deleted if they are associated with an invoice, because doing so may have a negative impact on your bookkeeping.

Customers associated with transactions, checkouts and active recurring invoices (if there are no generated invoices) can be deleted. Once data is deleted from Wave, it can’t be recovered, so be sure that you want to delete the selected customer.

If a customer profile is no longer associated with invoices, it can be deleted. When you edit an invoice, click Choose a different customer to assign the invoice to another customer profile.

If you have a duplicate customer profile and cannot delete it because it's associated with invoices, follow the steps in Fix duplicate customer profiles.

You are attempting to delete a customer in Wave’s mobile app

It is not possible to delete a customer in the mobile app. To delete a customer, log in to Wave from a web browser.

You are trying to delete multiple customers at once

Deleting customers in bulk is not possible. Customer profiles need to be deleted one at a time.

Learn how to delete a customer.