Connect or remove your bank accounts in Wave

You can import your transactions to Wave automatically by connecting your bank accounts using Plaid. Read on to learn how to connect a bank account, or disconnect a bank account for transaction imports.

Connect a bank account to Wave

  1. Click Banking > Connected Accounts in the left-hand navigation menu.

    If you don’t see your bank or credit card company’s logo, use the search bar to find the one you’re looking for. If there are no search results for your bank, that particular financial institution is not currently supported by Plaid.

    It isn’t possible to add your bank account manually, using your account and routing numbers, on the Banking > Connected Accounts page, to import transactions. You can add transactions to Wave by setting up Wave Connect or uploading statements instead.

  2. In the window that pops up, enter the same login credentials you use to sign in to your online banking and click Submit.
  3. If your financial institution asks additional security questions after you sign in, enter your answer(s) and continue.
  4. If there are multiple accounts associated with the banking credentials you entered, you can select which accounts you want to connect to Wave. Click the checkmark next to all the accounts you want to connect.
  5. Match the accounts you’re connecting to your Wave Chart of Accounts. For every account you connect, you’ll be asked to select an existing account from your Chart of Accounts to import transactions to. For example, if you've already added a “Checking account” to your Wave Chart of Accounts, you can choose “Checking Account” to have your transactions import there. If you don’t want to choose an existing account, leave your selection blank. Wave will automatically create a new one for you.
  6. Choose how far back you want to import your transactions. You can usually import up to 18 months of transactions, but this limit is determined by your bank and may vary. Once you make your selection, click Save and Continue.
  7. Make sure the Accounting toggle is set to On for the accounts you're connecting. This ensures your transactions import automatically.

When you’ve finished this process, Wave will import your transactions automatically. Transactions generally update every 24 hours, but this frequency is set by your bank. Some banks may only make new data available every 3-5 business days.

To see your imported transactions, navigate to Accounting > Transactions.

Remove a connected bank account

Navigate to Banking > Connected Accounts, and select the trash can icon next to the connection you want to remove. Removing a bank connection will break the connection for all accounts associated with that bank, and all imports for those accounts will stop. Transactions that were previously imported won't be affected.

Connected bank accounts that are used to fund Wave Payroll and/or to receive payouts for Wave Payments cannot be removed. If you no longer want to import these transactions to Accounting, you can stop automatic imports by setting the Accounting toggle to Off.

Stop transaction imports for an individual account

If you have multiple accounts associated with a bank connection, you can control imports for each account individually, while keeping the bank connection active. Navigate to Banking > Connected Accounts and set the Accounting toggle to Off under the specific account you no longer want to automatically import. You can resume imports by switching the toggle back on.

Bank connections are available to businesses in the US and Canada. If you are located outside of the US or Canada, learn how to upload bank or credit card statements, or use our Google Sheets integration, Wave Connect.