What browsers does Wave support?

We want you to experience everything Wave has to offer and to do so securely. To ensure that you’re having the best possible experience in Wave, we limit our support to modern web browsers.

Wave supports the latest two versions of the following browsers:

  • Desktop Chrome
  • Desktop Firefox
  • Desktop Safari
  • Desktop Opera
  • Desktop Edge

Make sure you log in to Wave using one of the above browsers to access support through Wave’s chatbot, Mave.

For the best possible experience, we recommend using:

  • The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. These browsers will automatically update whenever a new version is released, meaning you’ll always be using the most recent, most secure version.
  • Safari. To check if an update is available to your Mac click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your Mac and select About This Mac.
  • The latest version of Opera. You can use this version of Opera if you’re using Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later, or Linux 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 or later.
  • The latest version of Edge. You can use Edge if you use Windows 7 or higher. If Edge is not supported by your version of Windows, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox (see above).
  • The most recent mobile browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, if you're viewing Wave on your phone. We suggest using our dedicated iOS and Android mobile app for invoicing.

If you aren’t sure what browser you’re using, check www.whatsmybrowser.org, where you can also learn how to update or change browsers.

Mobile apps

Wave’s invoicing app require iOS 12 and later, and Android 5 and later. Wave’s invoicing app works best on mobile phones, but you can use the web app and the mobile app on your iPad in compatibility mode. There is no dedicated Wave app for iPad.

Troubleshooting tips

If you’re using one of our recommended browsers and having display or access issues, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies will resolve most browser problems. Click your browser's name below to see the instructions.