Frequently asked questions about invoicing

Why can’t you delete some invoices?

If an invoice was paid through Wave Payments, the invoice cannot be deleted, even if it has been refunded. This is to maintain an accurate record of the payment transaction. It is recommended to write off invoices if you don’t expect them to get paid. Take a look at the detailed steps to write off an invoice.

Can you recover deleted invoices?

Deleted invoices cannot be recovered. If you wish to retain them for your records, make sure to export the invoices before deleting them.

Can you delete or edit invoices in bulk?

You cannot edit or delete invoices in bulk. This is to prevent any accidental changes, as you cannot undo these actions.

Can you add late fees to an invoice?

Wave does not have a feature that automatically adds a late fee or interest to your invoice once it’s past the due date. However, you can edit the invoice in these situations to include it. Edit the invoice to add a new line item, name it something like Late fees, and enter the amount. Once you’re done, make sure to resend the invoice to your customer.

Can you edit a paid invoice to update the customer?

If a payment was recorded on an invoice, you cannot edit it to choose a different customer. If the invoice was not paid through Wave payments, you can remove the payment first. You will then be able to edit the invoice to choose a different customer, after which you can record the payment once again.

To remove a payment:

  1. Log in to your Wave account at
  2. Navigate to Sales & Payments > Invoices, click on the invoice to view it, then click Remove payment within the Get paid section.

Can you edit an invoice number?

When you create a new invoice, Wave will automatically assign an invoice number based on the last invoice you created. For example, if the last invoice you created was 007, the next one will be 008. You can edit this as long as the invoice number is unique and not associated with another invoice.

Can you add a DBA name to an invoice?

When creating an invoice, enter the DBA name in the Summary field below the invoice title. Or, include it in the Notes section of the invoice. Only this invoice will be updated. To save a default subheading or note on all invoices, customize your invoices.

Can you remove the invoice footer?

To remove the Wave footer, turn this setting off in your default invoice settings. This feature is only available to Pro Plan subscribers.