Small business coverage through Next Insurance

Wave partners with Next Insurance to connect you to simple, affordable, and transparent business insurance plans tailored to your specific industry and business needs.

Next Insurance specializes in supporting small business owners to help ensure you have coverage where you need it most. If you have any questions while setting up your policy, reach out to Next Insurance directly.

Next Insurance is currently only available in the United States. Although Next Insurance sells policies in all 50 states, some customers may find that their specific professional category (for example, construction) is not available in a small number of states.

Next Insurance supports business insurance like general liability, professional liability, and commercial auto insurance. They cover over 600 different business categories, from carpenters and accountants to personal trainers and restaurant owners. They're continually expanding their coverage to more business types, so if you don't see your business type listed right now, check back soon. To learn more about Next Insurance and their offerings, visit their website.


How do I sign up?

Wave offers a portal to sign up for Next Insurance from your Wave account. To view the sign-up portal, click Banking > Insurance in the left-hand navigation menu.

To request a quote, you’ll need to supply your business details and answer a few additional questions about your business and its liabilities.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Your personal and business details, including business address and business type
  • When you want your coverage to start
  • Number of W-2 employees, payroll amount, and total revenue

Read and accept Next Insurance’s terms of service to move forward. These terms are owned by Next Insurance. Wave does not have any affiliation with or control of these terms.

Will claims be integrated with my Wave account?

Wave does not integrate directly with Next Insurance. You can track your claims and coverage details by logging into your Next Insurance account.

What if I need a certificate of insurance or want to add an additional insured?

You can perform all of these actions through Next Insurance's online portal.

Who do I talk to if I need help with my claim?

Wave cannot provide support regarding claims managed by Next Insurance. Address questions about Next or about your claims directly to Next Insurance’s support team.