Personal profile in your Wave account

When you create a new Wave account, you will have a personal profile set up by default. The personal profile helps employees who get paid through Wave Payroll to access their pay stubs and tax forms.

The Personal profile is only available in the web browser version of Wave. To view your Personal profile, first log in to your Wave account at


To view your personal profile, click on your business name in the top right corner, click Switch businesses, and select Personal from the drop-down menu.

The personal profile in Wave has limited features compared to your business profile, and bank connections are not available. If you want to account for personal transactions made from a business account, see How to record personal transactions from a business account.

If your employer uses Wave Payroll to pay you, pay stubs and tax forms will appear after your employer adds your email address to your employee profile in their Wave account. Learn more about viewing your payroll information in Wave if you are an employee.

You cannot delete or archive personal profiles in Wave. You can delete a Wave account, however, this also deletes your business profiles, along with the personal profile. Please note that once a Wave account is deleted, the data cannot be recovered.