Schedule an invoice payment reminder

Schedule invoice payment reminders

  1. Head to Sales & Payments > Invoices, and click on an invoice to view it.
  2. As soon as you've sent the invoice in Wave, (or marked it as sent if you are using another method), you'll see options to schedule payment reminders.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the available reminder options, to enable the reminders that you would like to send. The potential options are: on the due date, and 3, 7, and 14 days afterwards.

The available reminder options depend on the invoice date and due date. For example, if it has been 4 days since the due date, the 3 days after option will be grayed out. To manually send a reminder instead, see Send an invoice payment reminder.

View and change your default invoice payment reminder settings

  1. Open the top right menu by clicking on your business name.
  2. Navigate to Business settings > Invoices and estimates > Reminder settings.
  3. Select the checkbox, and reminder emails will be sent by default, 3, 7, and 14 days after the due date of all invoices sent. This only applies to new invoices you create. Click Save all changes to apply the change you've made.

To turn reminders off, deselect the checkbox. All currently scheduled reminders for existing invoices will be turned off, so you will be asked to confirm this change, by clicking Turn off all reminders. You will now need to manually schedule payment reminders for each of your invoices.

This setting does not apply to Recurring Invoices.

Quick tips

  • Your customer must have an email address saved on their customer profile, in order to set up a reminder. Learn about adding a customer, and how to edit customer information.
  • Reminders won’t be sent after an invoice has been marked as fully paid.
  • Reminders are sent based on the due date of the invoice.
  • Duplicating an invoice will also duplicate the reminder schedule for that invoice.
  • Scheduled reminders will only be sent to the primary email associated with your customer's contact information. To send reminders to additional contacts, you will need to send them manually.