View a customer's invoicing summary

You can find customer summaries without having to jump between pages in Wave by using customer filters on the invoice list page. This can be helpful when you need one place to get a better idea of how your customers are doing.

To view a customer summary, navigate to Sales & Payments > Invoices and search for a customer using the customer filter. The customer summary will appear above the invoice list.

The customer summary contains:

  1. Customer details: clicking the customer's name will reveal their phone number and email address, if available
  2. Balance: the total amount that a customer owes you whether the amount is overdue or not
  3. Overdue: the total amount that a customer owes you that is overdue
  4. Paid last 12 months: the total amount a customer has paid you over the last 12 months
  5. Last item sent: this indicates what kind of communication item was last sent to a customer and when it was sent. This includes invoices, invoice reminders, and customer statements. This will show items sent on and after July 14, 2020.
  6. Customer action: if a customer has 2 or more open invoices, you will see the option to Send Statement. This allows you to send a Customer Statement. If a customer has 1 invoice open, you will see the option to Send Reminder. This allows you to send an Invoice Reminder. If your customer has no open invoices, no customer action will be suggested.