Navigating the Help Center

The Wave Help Center is full of answers about using Wave. You can search if you have a specific question, or browse to learn about Wave and its features. Read on for tips and answers to common questions.

The Help Center and Mave are available to all Wave customers. Together they ensure you have access to quick, accurate help when you’re using Wave.

If you’re notsure where to start when you have a question, click on the help button in the bottom right of any screen in Wave to get started. Both Mave and the Help Center have up-to-date content, so you can feel confident using whichever you find most convenient.

How can I find answers in the Help Center?

Search using keywords

Searching is the quickest way to find information on a specific topic or the answer to a specific question.

Try using words like “invoicing” or “reconciliation”. Articles related to your search appear even if the keywords you use aren’t in the title.

Browse by topic

Try browsing the Help Center if you want to learn more about a topic but you aren’t sure where to start.

Topics are located under “Browse by topic” on the Help Center’s main page. Click on a topic to see a list of articles related to that topic.

What if the Help Center doesn’t answer my question?

Keep your search simple

Try “Send invoices automatically”
Instead of “I really need a way to send multiple invoices automatically.”

Ask Mave

Our support chatbot Mave uses machine learning to match your question with an answer. This means that Mave might find the right answer even if you couldn't find it in the Help Center. Learn more about Mave in Get help with Mave.

Sometimes, an article in the Help Center will tell you to login ask Mave a question to get help. This is the case if the Customer Experience team knows that Mave has a simpler and better answer. In these cases, Mave might also have more information, or need to connect you with the Support team to resolve your issue.

Wave Advisors

If you’re looking for one-on-one help with concepts and practices in bookkeeping or payroll, check out Wave Advisors.

How up to date is the content?

Our Customer Experience team makes sure articles in the Help Center are up to date with the latest Wave releases and frequently asked questions from business owners using Wave.

How can I give feedback and suggestions?

The team working to bring Help Center to life is constantly creating and updating articles to help you find what you need.

To provide feedback, log in to your Wave account and click the help icon in the bottom right corner of any page. Ask Mave to “submit feedback” and Mave will collect any feedback you have. Our team reviews this feedback when we’re making improvements.