1. In the left navigation menu, click Sales & Payments > Estimates.
  2. Click the Create an estimate button at the top right. You can then do the following:
    1. Under Add an Estimate, change the title and estimate number.
    2. Open the Customer drop-down menu and select a customer, or click Add new customer.
    3. Select a currency from the Currency drop-down menu.
    4. Choose a Date, the date the estimate Expires on, and a P.O./S.O.

      The expiry date determines when an estimate’s status will change to Expired. You can use this date to inform customers of when the product’s or services' prices are no longer accurate. Learn about estimate statuses in How to use the Estimates page.

    5. Add a Subheading, Footer, and any additional notes in the Memo section.
  3. In the first column (the column name depends on your default settings) click the drop-down menu and select a product or service, or click Add new product.
  4. Fill in the Description (optional), Quantity, Price, and Tax (if applicable) fields.

    The Discount feature isn't available for estimates. To add a discount, add a separate line item and name it, for example, Discount, then enter a negative amount in the Price column. If you convert this estimate into an invoice, delete this line and use the Discounts feature instead, for accurate accounting.

  5. If the estimate is for multiple products or services, click Add a line, and fill in the next line item’s details. The tax and total amounts are calculated automatically.
  6. Click Save. Your estimate's status will change to Saved.

    The estimate won't affect your reports, unless you convert the estimate into an invoice.

Once you’ve created your estimate, Wave will bring you to the Estimate view screen, where you can:

  • Click Edit to update the estimate.
  • Click Convert to Invoice to change the estimate into an invoice.
  • Click Customer view to preview the estimate as a customer.
  • Click Send to send the estimate to your customer.

    There are multiple ways to send an estimate to your customer. Learn the different methods in How to send an estimate.

  • Click More to view additional options.